Karacoustic is a place where you can shop for music that you can sing to. Backing tracks found in this website are called karaoke in Asia. Either way, these tracks are meant to be sing with or sliced into your track and add accompaniments such as percussion and other wind and stringed instruments.

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Karacoustic, appeals to each and everyone to stay at home. Let us try to be a part of the solution by remaining at home and staying away from gatherings to prevent ourselves from acquiring and passing on the nCovid19 virus. This virus is known to have asymptomatic trait where when a person has it, no symptoms are seen for up to 2 weeks. During this time however, the person would have passed to many others until finally, a person with weak health acquires it and it is there where the virus takes it toll, resulting to loss of countless lives.

It is very important to stay clean, absolutely clean. Wash your hands often, sanitize, laundry your clothes, keep the floors and walls clean by using disinfectants. Just be as clean as possible like how clean and sanitized hospitals are.

To prevent panic, ask your government to deliver the best necessities and social services to the people. Demand for accountability! Likewise, fact check information you come across social media. Not all you see are true and while we need to know the truth, do not cause panic. People will not panic if they know what to do.

Stay safe!