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Better Days by Dianne Reeves



Dianne Reeves – Better Days lyrics
Silver gray hair neatly combed in place.
There were four generations of love on her face.
She was so wise, no surprise passed her eyes,
She’d seen it all.

I was a child, oh, about three or four.
All day I’d ask questions.
At night I’d ask more.
But whenever; she never, would ever, turn me away.

I’d say how can I be sure what is right or wrong ?
And why does what I want always take so long ?
Please tell me where does God live
And why won’t He talk to me ?

I’d say, Grandma what is love ?
Will I ever find out ?
Why are we so poor, what is life about ?
I want to know the answers before I fall off to sleep.

She sort of smiled as she tucked me in.
Then she pulled up that old rockin’ chair once again.
But tonight she was slightly, remarkably
Different somehow

Slowly she rocked, lookin’ half asleep.
Grandma yawned as she stretched.
Then she started to speak.
What she told me, would mold me, and hold me
Together inside.

She said all the things you ask
You will know someday.
But you have got to live in a patient way.
God put us here by fate
And by fate that means better days.

She said, child we are all moons in the dark of night.
Ain’t no morning gonna come ’til the time is right.
Can’t get to better days lest you make it through the night.
[Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/dianne-reeves/-/better-days.html]
You gotta make it through the night, yes you do.

You can’t get to no better days
Unless you make it through the night.
Oh, you will see those better days
But you gotta be patient.
(Be patient) oh baby, be patient.

Later that year, at the turn of spring,
Heaven sent angels down and gave Grandma her wings.
Now, she’s flying, and sliding, and gliding
In better days

And although I’m all grown up
I still get confused.
I stumble through the dark
Getting bumped and bruised.
When night gets in my way
I could still hear my Grandma say
I can hear her say,
I can hear her say.

(Be patient) You can’t get to no better days
Unless you make it through the night baby.
(Be patient) Oh, you will see those better days
But you gotta be patient.
Child, do you hear me, yeah.

(Be patient) You can’t get to no better days
Unless you make it, you got to make it
You got to make it
You got to make it through the night

(Be patient) Oh Grandma, oh Grandma
Do you see me now, lady
Oh oh oh oh oh

(Be patient) She used to sit me on her knee
She used to comb my hair
She used to tell me stories
My Grandma took me everywhere

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